Swiss Guidelines on the Protection of Human Rights Defenders

In its efforts to implement the UN Declaration on Human Rights Defenders (HRD), the Federal Department of Foreign Affairs (FDFA) has undertaken, in the future, to work even more closely and in a more structured way with Switzerland’s official representations, SDC Cooperation Offices, the Directorate of Political Affairs, the Directorate of International Law and the other federal government departments which share responsibilities related to the issue, as well as with Swiss civil society organisations within Switzerland and abroad. With regard to this, the FDFA has defined certain thematic issues; these guidelines are one such priority.

The objective of these guidelines is to:

  1. Draw the attention of staff at both the representations and the capital in Berne to the problems HRD face;
  2. Promote a common approach (at both bilateral and multilateral levels) that will provide more effective protection for HRD;
  3. Set out specific approaches for providing efficient and systematic support to HRD.

Download Attachment: 2013-Leitlinien-Schutz-Menschenrechtsverteidiger_EN-Swiss Guildeline on HRDs