Thailand: Army sues Deep South human rights defender for exposing torture on TV
February 15, 2018, 4:13 am

Despite a court ruling, the Thai Army has filed a defamation lawsuit against a torture victim in the Deep South, who exposed his experience on TV in support of an anti-torture bill.

On 14 February 2018, the Internal Security Operations Command (SOC) Region 4 filed a criminal defamation charge against Isma-ae Tae, a founder of Patani Human Rights Organisation. The accusation is related to a TV show on 5 February where Isma-ae recalled his experience of torture by Thai soldiers when he was a student in Yala.

On the TV show titled “Policy by People” on Thai PBS channel, Isma-ae revealed that the authorities beat him and pointed a gun at his head, forcing him to confess that he was responsible for the insurgency in the Deep South. He also proposed that Thailand should have a law against torture by state authorities to prevent victims like him in the future.

The ISOC claimed that his speech defamed the Army and therefore sued him for damages. An ISOC legal staff added that that the Army will fight the case until the end regardless of pressures from civil society organisations.

This prosecution is despite the 2016 ruling by the Songkhla Administrative Court which orders the Army to pay 305,000 baht as compensation for Isma-ae. The court also ruled that the authorities detained the victim for over seven days, which constitute a violation of the Martial Law.