India: Rachakonda cops block activist on Twitter
November 5, 2018, 9:44 am

Vijay Gopal’s account was earlier blocked and later unblocked by Hyderabad police.

Vijay, who was instrumental in the implementation of the free parking rule in multiplexes in the city, on Thursday alleged that the Rachakonda police had blocked his Twitter account.”After Hyderabad police, Rachakonda police blocked me on Twitter since the social media campaign against their inaction was becoming an embarrassment for them. Instead of solving the problem, they block the one who makes complaints,” he said. Vijay has, through a series of tweets, been demanding that an FIR be filed against Anurag College of Engineering for retaining original certificates of their students. In the past few days, the activist Vijay Gopal had also tagged Rachakonda police accusing them of severe inaction.In one of the tweets, Vijay Gopal said, “someone puts up a clinic with fake degree and claims to be a doctor, do we not file a cheating case against him in police station? @RachakondaCop You are purposely not filing an FIR against Anurag (CVSR) college as a TRS MLC owns it. Asking me to go to UGC is not right (sic).”