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The "Asian HRDs Portal" is an initiative of FORUM-ASIA, developed with the aim to increase public awareness on the situation faced by HRDs in Asia. Information gathered in this Portal illustrates reality of human rights defenders’ (HRDs) situations - threats they face with their daily lives because of the work they do. The Portal also provides online campaign tools, case database, and resource materials for the general public as well as for human rights defenders themselves.

FORUM-ASIA’s HRD Department is a protection measure for HRDs in Asia. In December 2001, FORUM-ASIA organized a consultation with the United Nations Special Representative of the Secretary-General on human rights defenders, Ms. Hina Jilani, in Bangkok, Thailand. FORUM-ASIA’s Department on HRDs emerged as a concrete follow-up to the consultation and the recommendations from the consultation. FORUM-ASIA established the HRD Department within its Secretariat which focuses on protection, advocacy and capacity-building for human rights defenders in Asia and beyond.


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